WWE Bedding and Bedroom Accessories

Welcome to our WWE Smackdown / Raw bedding shop. We have a great range of bedding, duvet covers, lamps and fleece blankets. Other products coming soon.

WWE Double Duvet Set
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WWE Double Duvet Set

Fantastic blue and red double duvet cover set that will go down well with wrestling fans. Official WWE licensed merchandise featuring Smackdown vs Raw. Do Not Disturb!
WWE Curtains (72 inch drop)
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WWE Curtains (72 inch drop)

Longer length (72 inch) curtains that co-ordinate with the bedding sets in this range.
WWE Fleece Blanket -  John Cena
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WWE Fleece Blanket - John Cena

This black and red fleece blanket features a large central image of John Cena. Soft and machine washable.
WWE Pendant Shade
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WWE Pendant Shade

This easy to assemble light shade is a great room accessory for a wrestling bedroom. Featuring the stars from WWE, Raw vs Smackdown. Matching bedding and curtains also available
WWE Kool Lite
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WWE Kool Lite

Official bedside light featuring the stars of this incredibly popular show. Fully enclosed this cool to touch lite also comes with an energy saving bulb that cannot be accessed by little fingers. WWE bedding, curtains and bedroom accessories also available.
WWE Waste Paper Bin
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WWE Waste Paper Bin

This brightly coloured bin featuring your favourite characters is a must for any fan and a fab finishing touch to a themed room. Keep those bedrooms tidy! Now there's no excuse for an untidy bedroom or office.

More About WWE Bedding

WWE is the acronym for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., which is a media and sports entertainment company dealing primarily with professional wrestling. Perhaps better known under the acronym WWF (World Wrestling Federation), the company was forced to change its name in 2000 after a legal dispute with the World Wildlife Fund.

The WWE can trace its roots back to the early 20th century, when Roderick McMahon and Raymond Mondt created the Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC). McMahon and Mondt created the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) in 1963, which became the WWF in 1979. It was not until 1982, however, that Roderick McMahon's grandson, Vincent McMahon, purchased CWC and took the WWF beyond its Northeastern US stomping ground. Indeed, Vincent McMahon sold television rights across the US and even sold videotapes of WWF events through his video distribution company. It was not long after that WWF became the global phenomenon that WWE is today and the company's international offices stretch from Toronto, Canada, to Sydney, Australia, via London, England.

Nevertheless, it was during the WWF years that the business made its name (or at least one of its names!) with the emergence of more aggressive fights, extravagant fighting arenas and, most importantly, a host of extremely marketable professional wrestlers. Indeed, even Vincent McMahon has marketed himself effectively as the boss with an iron fist, which has resulted in various on-stage confrontations and 'wars' that have provided great entertainment for the WWE's legions of fans.

WWE superstars are not hard to find but perhaps there are only a handful that have been responsible for significantly raising the sport's international profile. The Rock, otherwise known as Dwayne Johnson, achieved mainstream fame and wrestling acclaim during his WWE career, which stretched from 1996 to 2004. Winning the World Heavyweight Championship 9 times (2 WCW and 7 WWE), the Rock's reign in wrestling lasted until 2002 although not before he won the Royal Rumble in 2000. In respect of the immense marketing appeal that the Rock brought to the WWE, it was of little surprise that Dwayne Johnson was able to forge a successful career in Hollywood upon his retirement from wrestling. Indeed, Johnson has featured in box office hits such as The Scorpion King, Be Cool, Doom and Get Smart.

Other notable WWE stars include the Undertaker, who is regarded by many as the greatest living wrestler, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Hollywood star Hulk Hogan, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and John Cena. What makes WWE wrestlers so popular among fans is largely based on the rivalries between them. Indeed, some of the greatest rivalries were contested between The Rock and Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Kane, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, and John Cena and JBL. WWE fans generally love nothing more than to watch their wrestling heroes grapple it out with or without weapons, inside or outside of the ring, cage or even in amongst sections of the spectating crowd or backstage in the locker rooms.

Well, perhaps some things are loved just as much. If not more. For instance, WWE Diva features the female side of the sport and, as can be expected, this attracts a much broader demographic than the men's events can in isolation. Popular WWE Divas include Candice Michelle, Chyna and Torrie Wilson. Aside from the odd wrestling bout, these divas can often be seen competing in bikini contests, pillow fights and even mud wrestling. Divas are, understandably, popular additions to many a WWE bedroom. Mothers be warned!

Here at Rest and Play, we stock a fantastic range of WWE bedding and other WWE Smackdown / Raw items, including WWE duvet covers, WWE curtains, lamps and fleece blankets not forgetting WWE bean bags. These are all essential items for a WWE bedroom.

Our WWE bedding consists of single and double Panel and single Rotary WWE duvet sets. The single Rotary WWE duvet cover features a host of top WWE stars and is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and measures 140 x 200cm, with a single pillowcase measuring 48 x 74cm. The single Panel WWE duvet set features crowd favourite, John Cena, and measures 140 x 200cm with a single pillowcase measuring 48 x 74cm. The double Panel WWE duvet set measures 198 x 198cm and comes with two pillowcases measuring 50 x 75cm. All of our WWE bedding is 100% official merchandise.

However, no WWE bedroom would be worthy of the name without our 100% cotton WWE curtains, which come in two lengths. The 54 inch drop (168 x 137cm) WWE curtains and 72 inch drop (168 x 183cm) WWE curtains complement our WWE bedding perfectly. Finally, to provide the finishing touches to your child's WWE bedroom, we provide a John Cena fleece blanket, WWE Kool Lite and WWE Waste Paper Bin. Raw!