Bob The Builder Bedding and Bedroom Accessories

Created by Keith Chapman and first televised in 1999 Bob The Builder has become a firm favourite. Set in Bobsville, Bob is a construction worker who owns a builders yard with business partner Wendy. With a friendly team of workers including Scoop, Dizzy, Travis Lofty, Roley and Muck who have a ‘Can do’ attitude to get the work done. A range of bedding and bedroom accessories are available to create a fun themed bedroom.

Bob the Builder Wall Stickers 35 Pieces
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Bob the Builder Wall Stickers 35 Pieces

A selection of Bob the Builder stickers that can be applied to a variety of surfaces and removed easily. A fun, economical way to decorate a themed bedroom.

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Construct a Bob the Builder themed room for your little worker to rest and play in. Along with Bob and Wendy a whole host of helpers with a 'Can Do' attitude ensure that the job gets done. Bob's builders yard is home to Scoop the yellow digger, Muck the red bulldozer, Lofty the blue crane, Roley the green steamroller and Dizzy the orange cement mixer. Travis the green tractor, Benny the small robo-digger, Scrambler the blue all terrain vehicle, Packer the pinkish delivery truck, Dodger the blue and cream milk delivery truck, Splasher the amphibious superhero vehicle, Bristle the grey and green tidy upper, Yellow Flex and Orange Tumbler are also part of Bob's team.

Choose from single duvet sets, curtains complete with tie backs, colourful fleece blankets and lighting. Duvets and fleece blankets are machine wsahable. Bob the Builder wall stickers are a great way to give a room a quick, effective makeover that will last as long as your little one is a fan as they can be removed when no longer needed. Help your child to learn to tell the time with a super time teaching clock that has two interchangeable teaching disks. The blue disk shows minutes whilst the red disk show minutes past and to the hour.